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Natural Collagen

Unique Formula Q 5-26


Dear Colleagues,

It's not often that such exceptional products are launched on the market, especially ones based on the discovery cannot be overestimated.

Flooded with commercials of various, miraculous elixirs, especially aggressive in the cosmetic industry and medicine, you may find it hard to believe that it is the fish collagen that is going to stop the skin ageing process. It is even more difficult to believe that it was discovered in Poland

This is what actually happened. You will be able to test this product literally on your skin!


What is collagen?

Collagen constitutes 30% of the total human protein mass. It is responsible for skin firmness, elasticity, proper moisture and constant renovation of skin cells. Collagen deficit increases with age, causing i.a. skin wrinkling. The trials to use, initially synthetic and later bovine collagen, in cosmetics and implantology brought only partial success, mainly due to the fact that so far no biologically active collagen with the structure of amino acid chains identical to human has been developed.

Such collagen has been developed in Poland

The epoch-making discovery of the scientists of the University of Gdansk was a great sensation in the cosmetic industry of the 90-ties.The unique formula of natural collagen 5 – 26 was mastered by Inventia Polish Technologies laboratory assistants who developed the first cosmetic product in world based on fish collagen. This product possesses epidermis repair properties and does not lose the key to its secret i. E. Triple helix, at room temperatures. Our collagen met with enthusiastic approval of medical specialists, because of its ability to renovate wrinkled epidermis cells, which is breakthrough in the cosmetic industry.

The collagen is obtained from skins of the noblest fish fished in natural reservoirs and filtered through silk fibroins. The entirely natural preparation, without any colouring and aromatic additives, constitutes a few percent component of several exclusive creams currently launched by leading cosmetic manufacturers. You are getting a unique product containing several times higher quantity of pure collagen than most expensive cosmetic products in world. Our collagen met with enthusiastic approval of medical specialists, because of its ability to renovate wrinkled epidermis cells, which is breakthrough in the cosmetic industry.

"New Formula Q 5-26" Natural Collagen is intended for all kinds of skin. The product may be used at any age, particularly after 21, when skin gradually diminishes collagen generation. The product is recommended for tired and dehydrated skin. Collagen regenerates skin, makes it firmer and delays skin ageing processes.



"New Formula Q 5-26" Natural Collagen may be used for:

  • skin, hair and nail care,

  • cosmetic procedures,

  • body care massage,

  • rehabilitation massage, baths


  • paradontosis

  • allergies

  • juvenile acne and acne rosacea

  • dermatosis, psoriasis, dandruff

  • cellulite

  • disorders of sebaceous and sweat glands

  • alopecia

  • arthritis


Platinum Natural Collagen is intended for:

  • work with the face,

  • procedures on the neck and cleavage.

  • as a finalising component,

  • after sun baths in a solarium,

  • after plastic surgery procedures faster healing of scars, under a soothing pack after acne skin cleaning,

  • in mature skin revitalisation procedures face lifting,

  • deep skin moisturising.





Silver Natural Collagen is intended for:

  • body care

  • record-seeking sportsmen and persons exercising for relaxation (acidification),

  • persons under rehabilitation due to fractures, distortions, tendon ruptures etc.,

  • persons taking advantage of therapeutic massage (rachialgia),

  • persons taking advantage of body care massage improving skin appearance,

  • home use for massaging the entire body.



Grey Natural Collagen is intended for:

  • hair regeneration,

  • nail regeneration, baths

The preparation has undergone strict, long-term clinical tests in several countries at the same time. It is non-allergic and non-arritant. It does not cause skin addiction.  It does not have any undesirable side effects.


Reg. No. in the Register of Marketed Cosmetics RK/83374/2003

No. of the National Institute of Hygiene Certificate: HŻ/07849/01/2003

Not tested on animals




NATURAL COLLAGEN - New Formula Q 5-26 Natural Collagen is certified by the Polish National System of Information on Cosmetic Products (KSJK) and of the National     Institute of Hygiene (PZH) as well as all related approvals.

Intended for the care of face, neck and cleavage. Platinum Collagen moisturises, smoothes and elasticizes the skin of the face and other delicate parts of the body perfectly. Used in revitalising procedures on mature skin - face lifting. In persons after plastic surgery - Platinum Collagen accelerates the healing of scars. Recommended after sun baths, both natural and in a solarium and after acne skin cleaning under a soothing pack.

Intended for care procedures on the entire body. Silver Collagen is used, inter alia, in biological regeneration rooms for deep revitalising and energising massage (all skin dermatoses, after depilation with warm wax, after sun baths, both natural and in a solarium, after corrective surgical procedures on breasts etc., in contact allergies). Silver Collagen is perfect for home treatment of persons taking advantage of corrective or fitness exercises. In persons with the shortage of connective tissue and with week ligaments in ankle and knee joints Silver Collagen improves joint mobility and alleviates pain.

Intended for baths and regeneration of hair and nails. Grey Collagen is used in hairdresser's shops (regeneration packs and hair - washes), in nail-care studios and at home.




Dear Colleagues,

It has been said for years that compaies selling an effective drug for potency, obesity, baldness, dandruff and ... wrinkles will strike the gold.

We are giving you such chance.

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